Retirement Communities

Retirement Communities and Care Facilities

A portion of our client base that has had great success in implementing our employee digital display board is care facilities and retirement communities. Putting up a Recognition Photo Display in your care facility serves many different purposes. Also, the ability to simultaneously show your digital photo display on multiple setups allows it to be seen by all who reside or enter into your facility.

How Could A Retirement Community or Care Facility Use a Recognition Photo Display?

Below are just some of the ways that our digital employee display could be implemented by a retirement community or care facility, including some of the benefits.

  • Introduce all your caregivers to the residents and visitors.
  • Familiarize your residents with the different caregivers and their role within the community.
  • Show employee appreciation for all the hard work that your caregivers do to make the residents and patients feel comfortable.
  • Announce special activities or events for the month.
  • Introduce new caregivers that are recent additions to your community.

Contact us today to discuss how Recognition Photo Displays can help your retirement community or care facility utilize our digital photo display to highlight employee appreciation and connect with your residents and visitors.  Call us at 812-961-2068 or email us at