Local Government

Local Government

Our Recognition Photo Display is ideal for use in a local government office.  Due to the fact that our digital photo display can be used in multiple locations simultaneously, it is possible to have digital displays playing in the court house, mayor’s office and other offices or departments around town.  It allows the municipal government to highlight various offices and their staff, showing appreciation for the public servants that enable a town, city, or county to run smoothly and best serve its citizens.

How Could a Municipal Government Use a Recognition Photo Display?

Below are some of the many ways that our digital photo display could be implemented by a town or municipality.

  • Highlighting public servant appreciation and your pride in your public officials by displaying photos of them.
  • Allowing your citizens to get to know your public officials and what important duties they perform for your municipality.
  • Showcasing the long history of your city or county government by displaying historical photos of the locality, previous leaders, important historical events, etc.
  • Displaying important information for your citizens, such as announcements, awards, upcoming events, etc.

Contact us today to discuss how Recognition Photo Displays can help your city or county government utilize our digital photo display to highlight public servant appreciation and connect with your community.  Call us at 812-961-2068 or email us at contactus@recognitionphotodisplays.com.