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Quite a few of Recognition Photo Displays’ clients fall into unique categories all their own.  The flexibility of our digital employee display board makes it useful for offices and businesses across the spectrum.  As any good manager or owner knows, employees who feel appreciated and valued are more productive, loyal and satisfied with their work life.   The ability of our display to show employee appreciation while connecting with your clients and the public makes it ideal for almost any industry.

Video showing some examples of the ways that a Recognition Photo Display could be utilized in a professional office setting.

How Could Your Office or Business Use
A Recognition Photo Display?

Below are some examples of the many ways that our digital employee display could be implemented by different types of industries.

  • Medical Office – A digital photo display placed in your waiting room could introduce all of the caregivers in your office, give seasonal recommendations to your patients, display office hours and information for appointments, and make clear all office policies currently in place.
  • Car Dealership – You could have a digital wall display placed in your service waiting room and sales area.  On it you could introduce your service and sales people, promote specials, highlight awards your dealership has received, and impart important information to your customers.
  • TV or Radio Station – Hang a display in a break room or common area and show your employee appreciation by recognizing each one with a photo. Organize by department, add slides for birthdays, awards received, congratulations on life events, anything else you would like to highlight.  Show your employees their importance to your organization!
  • Manufacturing Facility – Place your display in a break room or common area for all your employees. Show them that you recognize and appreciate all the effort and hard work they contribute to your business. Your display can be organized by department, highlight achievements by individual employees, recognize life events, such as retirements and birthdays, and introduce new employees to everyone.
  •  Styling Salon or Spa – Placed behind the reception area, your digital employee display could introduce all of your technicians, highlight their training and specialties, promote your different services, and give clients information about specials currently being offered.
  • Daycare or Preschool – One of our digital displays could be placed in the reception or office area of your school.  This display would allow you to introduce all the teachers and aides at your school, highlight any upcoming school events, give important information to parents and announce holidays and school closings.

These are just a few examples of the many ways that a Recognition Photo Display could be implemented by your business or office.  Contact us today to discuss how our digital employee photo display can help your office or business highlight employee appreciation and connect with your clients and the public.  Call us at 812-961-2068 or email us at