What We Do

What We Do

Since the 1970’s, the owner of Recognition Photo Displays produced composite displays for many organizations around Indiana, including police and fire stations and Greek organizations on many campuses in Indiana. As technology advanced, he considered ways that that the static composite displays could be improved. This is how the concept of our digital photo display board was realized.

What Can Be Included in a Digital Employee Display?

Our digital photo displays can be fully customized for your organization.  We have clients utilizing our service at many different types of organizations and businesses.  Some examples include: police and fire stations, sheriff’s departments, residential retirement communities, TV broadcast stations and more!  For each of these clients, we have customized their digital photo display to fit their particular needs.  Below is a list of just some of the customizations that can be accommodated in your employee display.

  • Incorporate your organizations logo, slogan, colors, font, crest, shield, etc.
  • Include your organizations’ history, through photos or otherwise.
  • Show your different locations, with photos of each.
  • Organize the photos of your members or employees in whatever way makes sense for your organization. They can be arranged by department, seniority, alphabetical, by title, or whatever you like.
  • Make announcements, either to your employees or to the public.
  • Recognize achievements or awards, welcome new members/employees, recognize retiring members/employees, or anything else you would like to highlight as an organization.

Throughout the entire process, we work closely with you to make sure that the digital employee photo display you end up with fits the needs of your organization.  Employee recognition is so important in this day and age, and our digital wall display allows you to easily recognize your valuable employees, while also introducing them to the public.

How Is Your Digital Photo Display Maintained?

Once your display is up and running, maintaining it is very simple. If any changes need to be made, you just email us what you would like changed and we take care of it for you! That’s right, it takes minimal effort on your part to have a gorgeous digital photo display that runs in your office or facility 24/7 and is always current with the latest employees or members. We do all of the work for you!

Here are some links to pages that explain different aspects of our products more fully:

Want to know more about our digital employee photo displays and how they work?  Feel free to click on the links below for some demos of some sample displays, or click the link to our Frequently Asked Questions to get answers about the hardware and equipment needed to use our service.  We here at Recognition Photo Displays think you will be pleased to find that it is much easier and more cost effective that you could ever imagine.