The Value of Employee Recognition

Human Nature and Employee Recognition in the Modern Workplace

This should go without saying, but people work harder and more efficiently when they feel satisfied with their jobs.  It’s a simple human truth that employees are more enthusiastic, determined, and engaged when they’re happy with their work.

And there’s more to job satisfaction than a paycheck every week.  Sure, everyone wants to be compensated properly for the work that they do, but money’s no substitute for feeling appreciated.

Here are some key contributors to job satisfaction that have nothing to do with money:

  • Feelings of achievement
  • A sense of belonging
  • Recognition for daily work
  • Positive work environment and culture
  • Healthy relationships with supervisors and co-workers
  • Feeling genuinely appreciated and cared for in the workplace


Public Recognition and Personal Satisfaction

Just as the name suggests, a Recognition Photo Display is designed to recognize your staff’s individual and group accomplishments. With one of our RPDs mounted on the wall of your lobby or waiting room, you’ll draw public attention to what your people do every day to keep their department humming along efficiently.

Among other things, the results of this recognition include increased morale and higher productivity. It’s a simple fact of human nature — people need to be recognized. Whether it’s at home or in the workplace, people work best when they feel appreciated.

At a personal level, there’s more to expressing appreciation for your staff than simple productivity.  If you’re like most managers, recognizing the work of your people is important for its own sake.  In other words, your appreciation is sincere.  While efficiency is certainly important, the boost in productivity is sometimes secondary.  

The Importance of Employee Recognition

There’s no question that we live in tough economic times.  Budgets are dwindling in almost every industry sector and managers are under more and more pressure to do more with less.  Under these conditions, the question becomes ‘How do we get the most out of the resources we have?’

The answers to this question are always evolving.  Still, efficiency and the teamwork that fosters it are the most important constants.  The reason for this is fairly straightforward– efficiency and teamwork are the best tools for ensuring that the whole of your department or company is greater than the sum of its parts.

Of course, this is only the beginning.  Once you recall that efficiency and teamwork are necessary tools for the best use of your resources, another important question arises– ‘how do we create a work environment that encourages teamwork in a cost-effective manner?

it’s at this point that we start dealing with the nuts and bolts of efficiency.  Managers immediately begin to make progress the moment they consider this question.  But it’s only through further exploration that this progress can become part of your bottom line.

Developing an Employee Recognition Strategy

There are many types of employee recognition, but some work better than others.  But one thing is certain –when it comes to providing incentive, it simply won’t do to show appreciation for your staff in a haphazard way. Showing people they matter is far too important for that. That’s why a detailed strategy is required.

There are a lot of good (and bad!) ideas to boost employee morale out there, but it’s best to use several tools at once to develop an effective big picture strategy. A Recognition Photo Display can be an integral part of this strategy.

Please contact us today for more information on how our photo displays can help your staff feel appreciated and keep them engaged.