Photo Display Demos

At the bottom of this page, you’ll find examples of digital photo displays we’ve custom designed for different types of organizations.  You can scroll down and check out what we do right away, but we’d also like to tell you what one of our displays can accomplish for your team.  

Custom Designs for No Maintenance Employee Recognition

When it comes to employee recognition, a generic, one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work.  Every organization has its own unique identity, one that’s made up of the individual personalities and a certain something that’s often impossible to name.  

This elusive quality is different for each organization, but we like to think of it as something distinct and selfless that emerges when people work together toward common goals.  But whatever your organizational identity is, it’s our job to help you capture it on your Recognition Photo Display.  

We Do All The Work!

So how do we accomplish this?  How do our Recognition Photo Displays help balance the sometimes competing needs of the individual and the group?  Well, it starts with the design.  Our RPD software is versatile enough to respond to your team’s specific personality and needs.  

Once we have the design you want, here’s how we continue to help increase morale, feelings of inclusion, and productivity:

  • A changing display that progresses through a series of photos and/or announcements.
  • Individual photos arranged to your specifications.
  • Selected group photos on the various screens of your display.
  • Selected photos of your team in action for private or public display.
  • Display space for important announcements, team events, and individual awards.
  • Effortless updates to keep up with personnel changes– all you do is supply the photos.

As you can see, you’ll have just the digital photo display that you need– all without the hassle or cost of old style composite boards.

Below you’ll find examples of the recognition photo displays we’ve done for other types of organizations.  Click on the links to see what your display could look like.  But remember– we’ll modify the design to fit your team’s unique personality.  

First Responder Organizations – Fire, Police, EMT, Sheriff, Etc.

Fire Station Demo

Law Enforcement Demo

Professional Offices – Healthcare Facilities and Offices, Law Firms, Car Dealers, Realtors, Etc.

Professional Offices Demo

Campus and Greek Organizations – Fraternities, Sororities, Honor Societies, Academic Groups

School Organizations Demo

Contact us today to see just how easy and convenient it is to have a custom display of your own!