Who Is Recognition Photo Displays?

Digital Photo Displays are The Next Step in Our Evolution

Here at Recognition Photo displays, we’re convinced that our custom digital photo displays represent the ideal marriage of technology and the interpersonal world.  Technology should always serve people and not vice versa, but a balance so delicate doesn’t happen by accident.  This is one of the main purposes of our online displays — to put technology to work for you, your staff, and their need to belong.  

We’ve learned to maintain this delicate balance after more than 50 years of working as photographers, digital editors, design layout specialists, and web developers. We’ve also learned that technology can leave the human element behind if you’re not careful.  That’s one of the reasons we’ve pooled our collective experience and talents to create Recognition Photo Displays– to slow technology down and put it into the service of people.  

What We Do To Blend Technology with The Personal

Put simply, we help you acknowledge the accomplishments of your team and show them off to the community.  Designed as a hands free alternative to the old-fashioned group composite photo, our DIY digital photo board offers a web based subscription service designed to introduce the people who make up your organization and all the hard work that they do.  

The result?  A digital photo display is a win-win proposition.  Within your department, it will encourage teamwork, communication, and the pursuit of common goals.  Your display will also help improve public relations.  Day in and day out, members of the community will see your people from up close and appreciate them all the more because of it.  

Your display has photos of each individual team member that are shown on a flat panel TV that can be mounted anywhere you have WiFi access.  It also has digital slideshow functionality.  This will allow you to promote department events, acknowledge team accomplishments, and show your people out in the field.  Since the display operates using WiFi, there is no special wiring needed and your display can be in multiple locations simultaneously.

You Supply  the Photos and We Take Over From There

Recognition Photo Displays creates and maintains your custom display.  Personnel and other changes can be made by text or via email.  You can take your own pictures for display or you may have them done professionally.  You can even use your smartphone camera to take the individual photos.  
That’s how simple everything is on your end.  You continue to focus on managing your team while we make sure your display always reflects your most recent activities, as well as any personnel changes that occur.
You can use your display in your reception area, the lobby, in the main office, or in the break room.   You can even use your display in all these places simultaneously! You decide what you want people to see and we take care of the rest.