The Greatest Innovation Of Greek Composites Since The Invention of Photography!

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What makes Recognition Photo Displays’ composite service different from your traditional house composite?

It’s Digital , More Than Just A Composite!

Greek photo composites have been produced and displayed in the same way for decades.  Everyone in the house has their picture taken, the composite company builds a static board that hangs on the wall.  Every year the same thing happens at fraternities and sororities all across the country.  Eventually, after a few years, the house winds up with a number of large, unwieldy, framed composites that have to be moved to the basement or the attic, where they will deteriorate or become damaged due to neglect.  There is only so much wall space.

Recognition Photo Displays offers a better alternative by integrating the traditional composite display with all of the added advantages of a fluid and dynamic digital display.  Your composite display is designed to be presented on a Smart TV that is in range of your WiFi.  Our technicians create and maintain your display according to your design choices.  It not only introduces all of your members, in the traditional format, but allows for the inclusion of many other images and information, designed to promote all of the great features of your chapter.  Pictures, video clips and announcements can be integrated into the slideshow format of the display. This can be changed as needed throughout the school year.  Best of all, the service can save your house money in the process!

How does Recognition Photo Displays’ composite service work?

House member photographs and other photographic content can be provided in several different ways. You can take the pictures yourself, use an amateur photographer of your choice or you can hire a professional photographer. Cell phone pictures may be used as well. Recognition Photo Displays is prepared to help you with this process. Our sister company, CHADON Photographers, has been producing traditional greek photo composites since the early 1970’s.

We use your pictures to build the traditional whole house composite digitally, for display on your Smart TV, while also integrating the other elements of your request. Each display is custom designed to your specifications.

In addition to the master composite board of all the members you may include a number of other images of your choosing. Announce chapter activities, post images of special awards received by the chapter or individual members. You can even include video clips. Your display will introduce your members and promote your chapter in a new and dynamic way.

Your display can be presented in multiple locations, simultaneously, as long as each Smart TV is within range of a WiFi signal. The contents of your display are controlled by a few designated and authorized chapter representatives. Changes may be made by texting, emailing or logging into your account on our website.

Individual print copies of the master composite display of house members are available for purchase in several different print sizes.