Always put people first, for without them,
there is no organization.

~David Sikhosana

 Your Destination For the Best Digital Photo Display on the Market

Welcome to the Recognition Photo Display Home Page, where you’ll see how to navigate our site and you can begin to learn everything you need to know about what our innovative new product can do for you, your staff, and your entire department.

Our website is always a work in progress, but here’s a quick list of what you can expect to find on its various pages:

  • What a Recognition Photo Display (RPD) is and how easy one is to operate
  • How an RPD can be customized to fit your department’s specific needs
  • How to get your RPD up and rolling
  • Detailed descriptions of the versatile roles that an RPD can play in creating and maintaining a positive work culture
  • An explanation of how our digital photo boards can help connect your staff more intimately to their work, their co-workers, and the broader community
  • A discussion of the improved public relations you can expect to establish by signing up for our RPD services
  • A summary of how the connections an RPD helps establish can boost employee morale and lead to increased productivity
  • Examples of RPDs that we’ve set up for some of our subscribers
  • A list of the inexpensive subscription plans that we offer, as well as their respective costs
  • The simple technology needed to support our software

 Services That Are Grounded in Principles, Character, and Knowledge

There’s more to explore on our site than just the formal information we mentioned above.  It goes without saying that you need a product that’s useful, reliable, and value-adding, but these qualities are a given with all of Recognition Photo Display’s trusted services.  Why?  Because the quality of your digital photo display will flow naturally from the wisdom and concern we put into practice each and every day.

So we hope you’ll take the time to discover a little bit about who we are as a company while you’re skimming our website.  We hope you’ll get to know the sparkling reputation we’ve developed both locally and nationwide over the fifty plus years that we’ve been doing business. We also hope you’ll see how eager we are to spread the word about our innovative new product and how it represents the next logical step in our evolution.

Lastly, we think you’ll notice that our Recognition Photo Displays are firmly grounded in a deep understanding of human motivation and the role that it plays in employee engagement and productivity.  In other words,  we think you’ll realize that the design of our Recognition Photo Displays is founded on decades of accumulated wisdom, community participation,  and a desire to improve every workplace that our services touch.

To sum up, a Recognition Photo Display is a product that operates on sound knowledge and firm principles. You’ll see what we mean in the following sections.


 Your Digital Photo Display and the Power of the Group

It’s people that matter.  No matter how far we advance into the digital age, there are human beings involved every step of the way.  And while the technology we use constantly changes, human nature never really does. Their needs are universal, especially the need to be recognized and included.  That’s why we want to help bring your people further into the fold.

We’re talking about being a part of a group, of a tribe, or of a team.  When people participate in something bigger than themselves, they’re more content, satisfied, and productive.  But their perceptions are important too– people go beyond themselves when they understand how deeply they’re connected to each other.

Employee Appreciation And Improved Public Relations

Your team members need to know how valuable they are.  In other words, they need to be recognized.  That’s exactly what we’re here to do — draw attention to the hard work of your team and remind them on a daily basis how much they matter.

But the recognition doesn’t end there.  Placed properly, our online photo displays extend this recognition to the community as well.  By showing your department up close and in action, they remind people just how critical your services are.  In other words, your recognition photo display will result in improved public relations.

But don’t just take our word for it.  You’ll get a taste of how it all works in the video below.  We’re quite certain you’ll see why our digital slideshows are superior to any single fireman recognition photo.

 An Update on the Old-Fashioned Composite Photo

You saw what we did for the Ellettsville Fire Department in the video.  We replaced their old-fashioned composite photo board with a sleek digital version.  Then we managed it for them, with no effort required on their part.   In the process, we reflected the firefighters’ hard work back to them and shared it with the larger community.  

We think you get the idea.  In some ways, the recognition we gave the brave men and women of the Ellettsville Fire Department is as meaningful as receiving a departmental award.  Why?  Because our digital photo displays represent an ongoing acknowledgment of the daily nuts and bolts of their work, not just a few moments in the sun.  

We’re certain we can the same thing for your department as well.  A digital photo display is an inexpensive way to build unity, improve community relations, and boost employee morale.  Getting started is easy.  Please contact us immediately for more information on how we can put our services to work for you.

    Send an email to customerservice@recognitionphotodisplays.com OR call our office at 812-961-2068 or 800-788-1644 today to discuss the benefits and advantages of a Recognition Photo Display!